About me

The Swiss mountains fascinated and shaped me like no other landscape. I have explored and experienced this unique region on many mountain tours, it has fundamentally changed my perception.

Many years of experience in the fashion industry have trained my eye for aesthetics, textures and a successful staging. My training later as photographer was a matter of heart and professionalism.

The training at the CAP photo school in Zurich was an enormous personal enrichment. I learned to implement creative ideas constructively and continued to develop my visual language.

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A camera has been with me from the start on my professional trips abroad. My passion for landscapes and cultures led to a change of perspective in many areas of my life.

The view of untouched landscapes and the meditative quality of nature affected me more and more. I became aware of the transformation of the environment through the tireless mankind.

The protection of the living environment of animals also serves humans directly, we share the same world. When we take care of their wellbeing, we also take care of ourselves.

Michèle Buhofer


Michèle Buhofer
CH-6332 Hagendorn-Cham